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Find the most suitable investment or insurance products

Provide you with appropriate financial solutions from time to time, to become your best “wealth manager”.


We promise to
provide the most ideal solution to every client

Investment linked insurance

On the path of investment, whether you are aggressive or conservative , we have different investment solutions for you to choose!

Critical illness protection

Life may be tested by illness, but you can live a wonderful life.

Tax deductible products

In addition to enjoying tax deductions, you can plan for a prosperous future and achieve your life goals, too.

Savings insurance

A stable future depends on what decision you make today. Start a savings plan to ensure a more secured future for you and your family.

Life protection

Whether you need a term life cover for your mortgage or a life cover for welcoming a new born baby, we provide you a wide range of life insurance plan to fulfill your need.

Medical cover

No one wants to worry about medical expenses. The medical insurance plan provides comprehensive protection, helps shoulder the burden of the costly expenses, allows you and your family to focus on getting well.

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Why choose Global Financial Wealth Management Ltd.

  • Service integration


  • Your life planning coach

    Providing video training, from basic to in-depth, you can learn wealth management anytime and anywhere.

  • Investment and insurance products’ diversification

    With the advantages of being an independent financial advisor, we provide one platform of diversified plans and products.

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